What we do

CARIS Haringey has been providing a holistic range of services for families in temporary accommodation since 1990.

We are the only organization in the London Borough of Haringey that exists solely to work with and for homeless families.

Our services are open to everyone in temporary accommodation in the London Borough of Haringey, and our service-users include a high proportion of refugees, asylum-seekers, victims of domestic violence, and those with mental health issues.

What our clients say

“You have been there for us as friends, family and more, you all have given us your time, help, advice and care. You all have helped us back into our feet and to regain dignity in our lives. This you do all year round for us and many others. It is hard to find the words to say it all but thank you.”

A single father with a child with special needs

“When I first came to CARIS, I had nothing. No money, no food, no clothes. They gave me food, clothes for my children and myself. I feel much more confident. When I was on my own I was stressed and did not know what to do. With CARIS’s help, I got to know more about my rights. In nearly a month, it is like all my problems have gone. CARIS encouraged me to think about my future”.

A victim of domestic violence

“For about a year, I was in a very bad situation, we couldn’t pay rent, we couldn’t afford to buy food. In fact, I was depressed in a way that I thought I was losing my mind. I am very grateful to CARIS for all the help and support granted to us, especially getting free advice and encouraging us. CARIS put a smile on our face. There is hope for people like us.”

A client with no recourse to public funds.